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Welcome to Exorcism

Hey lil' ghosties, welcome to your local site for demon extraction, or your halloween-themed site needs. Whichever your fancy. You will find whatever you need here: colors, decos, a reputable priest certified in exorcisms, borders, graphics and more!! Enjoy the site and please leave a comment if you use anything, and stay away from the oujia board next time.



Opened: 09/28/18
Version: 2
Credits: xx


Duch3ss.net: brushes used in layout, background psds, color scheme templates, deco psds and vector psds. Phone wallpaper previews.
Parisfalls.net: brushes used in background psds, deco psds, color scheme templates and vector psds.
Loveblush.net: stylesheet, brushes used in background psds and vector psds; as well as object png, main content, bg psd, deco psd and brush previews.
Nakedly: brush pack previews.
Mascaraa.net: ordered my border psds from Melinda!
Dafont.com: brushes made for brush packs and decos were downloaded through this page.
Weheartit: avatars.
Pixel Soup: favicons were downloaded from this blog.
Most phone wallpapers downloaded through the "Wallpapersforme" app in the app store.
Fb cover graphics found on deviantart, google and wallpaper sites.